Diabetes Ireland Research Alliance


The Diabetes Ireland Research Alliance (DIRA) was set up in 2008 as a subsidiary of Diabetes Ireland, the national charity supporting people with diabetes in Ireland.

DIRA has the specific aim of promoting, supporting and funding research related to the causes, prevention and cure of diabetes.

The Alliance primarily funds high quality diabetes research projects in Ireland and raises the necessary funds to support these projects.  DIRA invites and encourages the Irish Diabetes community to directly support global research into finding a cure for Type 1 diabetes by organising fund raising events and/or donating to DIRA.

DIRA funded research in Ireland


Research Call now Open. Focus of the Call: Diabetes-focused research projects which align with the missionstatement  of  Diabetes Ireland Level of Funding: Up to €180,000  Duration of Funding: Up to 3 years . Click here for more details.


Identifying the Aetiology of Diabetic Progenitor Cell Dysfunction In Osteoporosis”  This research is led by Professor Tim O’Brien at  Galway University Hospital. The goal is to enhance bone quality for people with diabetes. To read more, click on study name link above.

Peer-to-peer motivational interview intervention for smoking, alcohol and physical activity among at-risk adolescents in low SES communities. This research is led by Assoc. Prof. David Hevey, Trinity College Dublin and focuses on using peers to promote healthy behaviours in a group normally difficult to influence through regular health promoting channels. To read more, click on study name link above.

Completed Studies


“What influences self-care in young adults with Type 1 diabetes. A 12 month study which will identify the factors that influence diabetes management/self-care amongst young Irish adults (aged 23-30) with Type 1 diabetes.

Why Me? The Diabetes – Genes This Autoimmunity and Prevention study may help find the answer.


The Galway Diabetic Foot Study Epidemiology, Cost, Feasibility, and Implications for Clinical Practice and Policy.

Adipocyte Size and Type 2 Diabetes in Obesity Adipocyte Size and Type 2 Diabetes in Obesity – A Study of Patients undergoing Bariatric Surgery

DIRA Supported Research 2

In 2009, DIRA entered into partnership with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) UK in order to encourage high-quality research on Type 1 diabetes in Ireland, promote Ireland as a JDRF base for international research and to directly support the global research work of JDRF. JDRF is widely acknowledged as the leading global charity  funding Type 1 diabetes research.

Nano Versus Micro Encapsulation for Islet Transplantation. This research is led by Professor  Peter Jones, Professor of Endocrine Biology, Kings College London.  Transplants have been given successfully to a number of people with Type 1 diabetes but they have been only a temporary cure. The goal of this study  is to develop a thin membrane to protect transplanted islet cells from the immune system, so they can once again produce insulin in response to changing glucose levels.

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