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  • General Sick Day Guidance for Type 2 Diabetes

    If you have diabetes and are feeling unwell, your blood glucose levels will rise which makes it more difficult to fight illness. With Type 2 diabetes, you need to know which medications to alter if not eating – check with your pharmacist if any of the tablets or injections you are taking should be altered... View Article

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  • General Sick Day Guidance for Type 1 Diabetes

    As COVID-19 concerns rise, Diabetes Ireland remind people with diabetes particularly those on insulin therapy to check they have a stock of ketone test strips and check that they are in date and know how to interpret the result, please see Sick Day Leaflet – Type 1 for more information. This information is a general... View Article

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  • Diabetes & COVID-19 – Social Gatherings or Academic/Work Events

    Diabetes Ireland have received numerous calls re Covid-19 and attending social gatherings or academic/work events.   The advice for people with diabetes is to take all precautionary measures as outlined on , to maintain good glucose control, eat a balanced healthy diet, maintain physical activity outdoors where possible and ensure they have a sick... View Article

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  • Diabetes & COVID-19

    Following a number of calls “from concerned individuals with diabetes” and with the number of cases of COVID-19 (coronavirus) rising in Europe, and the first case been confirmed in Ireland, the risk to individuals “remains low”.   However, according to Health Promotion and Research Manager, Dr Anna Clarke, “the common flu is still a much... View Article

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  • COVID 19 (Coronavirus)

    Diabetes Ireland has received a number of enquiries from its members concerned about COVID 19. HSE information on symptoms, risk and protecting yourself is available on   People should regularly visit the site and follow HSE updates relating to COVID 19 as released.   Further information for Health Professionals is available on

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