Workplace Wellness Programme

As an Employer, you know your Employees are your most valuable asset, you also know the cost of absenteeism and ill health…


Here are 5 reasons why you should engage your employees on our ‘Diabetes Awareness and Wellness’ Webinar


  • Right now, thousands of employees are working from home or socially distanced in office settings. As an employer, now more than ever, it is important to give time to the physical health and mental well-being of your employees to prevent future ill-health.


  • A person can have diabetes for up to 12 years, and not know it. In fact, most people over 40 are at least at moderate risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.


  • Left undiagnosed and untreated, diabetes can lead to heart disease, stroke, and other health issues. Early detection of Type 2 diabetes can prevent serious health issues for your employees.


  • Employees need to understand the importance and value of making the right lifestyle choices to reduce their risk of diabetes.


  • We can help your employees to adopt a healthy lifestyle.


Lunch & Learn 

Diabetes Ireland is now offering a choice of 1-hour virtual webinars provided by one of our Specialist Diabetes Nurse/ Dietitian or our Counsellor which can now be enjoyed by employees’ from the safety of their homes/workplace. We are living in challenging times where more than ever we need to adopt and maintain healthy lifestyle behaviours and habits.


Option 1: Staying Healthy

1 Hour Webinar delivered by a member of our Health Promotion Team
Understanding Diabetes
Checking Your Risk
How to be Sugar Smart, Fat Smart and Salt Smart

Option 2: Staying Mentally Resilient During These Times

1 Hour Webinar delivered by our Counsellor/Psychotherapist Pauline Lynch on Changing our Behaviours and Habits
Identify those Habits and Behaviours that Impact on your Wellbeing
Explore how and why those Habits are Formed
Focus on Strategies to Successfully make Changes
Hear How to turn Ideas and Intentions into Actions
Cultivate Self-Care Routines that Enhance your Mental Health



Benefits for your Employees

Employees will understand the importance and value of making the right lifestyle choices to reduce their risk of diabetes.


Educate employees on the main risk factors and signs and symptoms of type 2 diabetes.


Give employees an option to complete our risk assessment tool so they can identify their diabetes risk and what steps they need to take based on their personal result.


Support you to protect your workers’ health in your workplace and to ensure healthier employees, a more engaged workforce and reduced levels of absenteeism.


Follow up one to one virtual appointments with our Counsellor/Psychotherapist Pauline Lynch.



Benefits for Diabetes Ireland


We like most other charities have had a huge drop in fundraising activity and we are down income of 35% up to June.  Currently we are working hard to keep our care centres and helplines open and have put our education courses online.


The income that is generated from these sessions goes towards delivering these vital services for people living with type 1, type 2 diabetes and their families.


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