Principles of Fundraising

Public Statement

Diabetes Ireland is committed to achieving the standards contained within the Statement for Guiding Principles for Fundraising. The Statement exists to:

  • Improve fundraising practice;
  • Promote high levels of accountability and transparency by organisations fundraising from the public;
  • Provide clarity and assurances to donors and prospective donors about the organisations they support;

We, Diabetes Ireland, have considered the Statement and believe we meet the standards it sets out.

For more information on the Statement of Guiding Principles for Fundraising set out by the Irish Charity Tax Reform Group (ICRT) please click here

Our Fundraising Guidelines Event Proposal Form is available to read here.

Our Code of Practice Fundraising is available to read here. 

Commitment to our donors
Diabetes Ireland shall:

  • respect the rights, dignity and privacy of its donors. It shall not put undue pressure on anyone to make a gift and where someone does not want to give or wished to cease giving, that decision will be respected.
  • respect the rights of donors to be informed about the causes for which the charity is fundraising, to be informed about how their donation is being used and to have their names deleted from mailing lists or databases if so requested.
  • assure donors that their gifts will be used for the purposes for which they were given.
  • ensure that when Diabetes Ireland invites the general public to donate to a specific cause, it will have a plan for handling any shortfall or excess.
  • inform donors of the status and authority of those soliciting donations. E.g. donors will be informed if fundraisers are employees, volunteers etc.
  • ensure that fundraisers are aware of and can generally communicate the purpose of Diabetes Ireland and of the specific fundraising efforts they are involved in.
  • provide clear and adequate, written or verbal information to the public about any relevant follow up.
  • ensure that particular caution is exercised when soliciting from people who may be considered vulnerable.
  • always act in an honest manner and be truthful in all its dealings.
  • to answer honestly all reasonable questions about our fundraising activities.

Disclosure Statement
Diabetes Ireland is open about whether those seeking donations on their behalf are volunteers, employees of the organisation or are third party agents.
Anyone fundraising on behalf of Diabetes Ireland must ensure that prospective donors are aware of their status, i.e. volunteers, employees or third party agents.

  • Public Compliance Statement

    Diabetes Ireland is committed to complying with the Statement for Guiding Principles for Fundraising and formally discussed and adopted the Statement at a meeting of its National Council (governing body) in February 2011.

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  • Feedback and Complaints

    We are keen to receive comments, feedback & suggestions about any aspect of our work or service.

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