Living with Type 2 Diabetes

In this section you will find information about living with Type 2 Diabetes.


You can learn via our Diabetes Smart online programme or you can read the content in this section.



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Click on Image to download book or collect a hard copy from your GP surgery, this comprehensive booklet contains all you need to know about Type 2 diabetes.

When living with Type 2 diabetes it is vital to look after your feet and eye care and address your diet and lifestyle behaviours.


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  • Managing Type 2 Diabetes

    Type 2 diabetes occurs when blood glucose levels are too high due to insufficient insulin production or when the insulin that is produced by the pancreas gland is not working effectively. Type 2 diabetes can be managed through healthy eating guidance, regular physical activity and medication using tablets or injections.

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  • Food and Diabetes

    When you have Type 2 diabetes your nutritional needs are the same as everyone else—no special foods or complicated diets are needed.

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  • Exercise

    You’ll benefit from exercise in a number of ways. It’ll lower your blood glucose, your treatment will work more effectively and you may lose some weight. Here you will find some useful tips for exercising with diabetes. 

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  • Complications

    The development of diabetes complications may depend on how long you’ve had diabetes and on your diabetes management over the years. Keeping your blood glucose under tight control helps to prevent or delay complications.

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  • Driving and Type 2 Diabetes

    In this section you will find information and guidelines for driving with diabetes. 

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  • Frequently asked questions

    Living with diabetes can affect many day to day aspects of your life and leave you with many questions. In this section we aim to answer as many of those questions as we can.

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  • Type 2 Online Education Programme

          CODE is Diabetes Ireland’s group education programme for people with Type 2 Diabetes or with a diagnosis of prediabetes.   Each CODE (online) programme consists of 4 sessions, The first 3 sessions are  over 3 consecutive weeks, and the final session takes place 6 months later. Each session is 2 hours in duration.... View Article

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  • Type 2 Diabetes – Reversal with Lifestyle Change

    MEET DAMIEN – (2004 – 2013) Doing no exercise, 19 stone in weight, a smoker, on medication for gout and blood pressure, diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and  taking Diabetes medication to reduce the damage caused by high blood glucose to his eyes, heart, kidneys, limbs in fact, the entire body. Damien’s diabetes consultant was not a... View Article

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