Your child and diabetes

When your child receives a diabetes diagnosis it can be an emotional time for you and your child. Your role as their primary caregiver is now more important than ever. 
There is a lot of new information to take in and some changes will probably need to be made to your families routine. Whilst you are their primary carer today, as they grow up they will need to manage their condition themselves. Therefore, it is important to involve your child in the learning process and make decisions with them. Whilst it will be challenging at first, overtime you will realise that your child can live a happy and healthy life with their diabetes.

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    Signs and Symptoms – Type 1 Diabetes

    Knowing the symptoms of Type 1 diabetes is vital. Up to five children and teenagers are diagnosed each week with Type 1 diabetes in Ireland with 10% having a late diagnosis resulting in critical illness.

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  • Diabetes Definition

    Newly diagnosed

    When your child receives a diagnosis of diabetes it can be a frightening time for you and your child. Diabetes can be a difficult condition to understand at first but there are plenty of resources available to you.

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    Managing your child’s diabetes

    As your child’s primary caregiver the role of managing their diabetes will fall mainly to you in the early stages of their childhood. This can be very daunting at first but there is a lot of resources available to you.

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  • School


    Sending a child to school after a diabetes diagnosis can be an anxious time for parents and children. It is important that you work with the school and ensure they understand the condition and how they need to act.

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  • Kids playing

    Play, sports and friends

    It is very important that kids living with diabetes get exercise and are active. With diabetes, problems can occur as children get older so it is important they keep active and develop good exercise habits now.

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  • Birthday party

    Special Occasions

    This section  gives you tips on how to manage your child’s diabetes around special occasions like birthdays, Christmas and Halloween.

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  • Family travelling

    Travelling and children

    Travelling with a child who is living with diabetes can appear daunting at first. With a little planning and preparation there is no reason to let diabetes stand in the way of a very enjoyable holiday.

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    Sweetpea Kidz Club

    The Club is specifically for young children with diabetes and their siblings. The main aims of the Sweetpea Kidz Club is to bring together, in a fun environment, children with diabetes and their families.

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  • Diabetes Cup

    The National Diabetes Cup

    The National Diabetes Cup 2014 took place on Saturday the 6th of September with thanks to our sponsors Medtronic and Bayer. Children living with type 1 diabetes came from 22 counties across Ireland to the Astroturf Park, Coolock.

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  • Group of teenagers

    Irish Childhood Diabetes National Register

    Diabetes Registries allow the monitoring of the frequency of diabetes in populations worldwide. This is important as it then allows tracking of this important condition to help us understand more about it and ultimately what causes it.

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