COVID-19 and Diabetes – Help maintain our Diabetes Helpline, Online Information Platforms, Care Centre Services and Support our Community


2020 has been extremely tough to date and like many other organisations we had to take measures during lockdown which included closing our offices and care centres and severely reducing the working hours of our administration staff who to their credit continued to keep our very busy helpline and online platforms open so we could continue to support our diabetes community.


In mid June, with a lot of fundraising support from our diabetes community, we re-opened our Care Centres for podiatry services on a partial basis. Today, the centres are currently working through their client waiting lists and cancelled appointments lists and since August 1st have reopened services to new patients, click here to make an appointment.


We continue to support people with diabetes by ensuring that our diabetes helpline, online and social media channels remain open with direct telephone access to our diabetes healthcare professionals for all those who personally contact us for up to date government information on COVID 19 and practical diabetes management information in the absence of public service diabetes services. Access to our online services via our website and social media platforms is increasing daily with over 25,000 visitors accessing our Covid & Diabetes Management Section.


The impact of coronavirus also meant that all of our face to face education services and events had to be postponed and we are now working to see how we can deliver these services in the virtual space. In July, we launched a pilot online/telephone review education programme for people with Type 2 Diabetes using Diabetes Smart and one to one telephone calls with members of our Health Promotion Team.


In August, we are launching a series of virtual patient webinars to provide people with practical information around the challenges of living with diabetes at this time. With schools planning to reopen in September we are also looking at how we can virtually educate and support teachers and Special Needs Assistants in the management of school going children with Type 1 diabetes.


Our income over the period 1 April to 30 June 2020 fell by 35% which is a real concern for us. We need your help so we can support, educate, motivate and empower people with diabetes and their families to stay safe and healthy during these difficult times.


To help ensure we keep our services open for whatever length of time it takes to beat COVID-19, make a donation today.



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