Podiatry & Orthotics

Podiatry Services Include

  • A Diabetic Foot Screen and Assessment
  • Foot Care and Nail Care Advice and Education
  • Callus and Corn Removal
  • Skin and Fungal Infections Treatments
  • Specialised Footwear and Socks (subsidised prices)
  • Shoe Fitting
  • Communication with your GP where necessary
  • Appropriate Referrals, when required
  • Biomechanical Assessment for Orthotics




What to expect from your first appointment


You should aim to arrive 5-10 minutes before your first scheduled appointment at our care centre to complete the registration form.  


The Podiatrist will call you for your consultation. You will have a discussion with the podiatrist about any problems you may be experiencing with your feet, any underlying issues that you may have as well as a detailed discussion about your medical history. It is important to be truthful with your information as it is vital to your potential treatment plan. Your details are 100% confidential. 


From here, the Podiatrist will perform a full assessment of your feet. The aim of a foot assessment is to check your general foot health and design an appropriate footcare plan based on your individual needs. The Podiatrist can treat corns, callous, heel pain, thickened nails, and ingrown toenails. 


If you are a patient living with diabetes, the Podiatrist will the check the level of sensation in your feet, examine your skin and the blood circulation to feet by listening to your foot pulse.  


Once the underlying issues are identified, your Podiatrist will explain the treatment options available.  


The first patient assessment with Diabetes Ireland can be up to one full hour. We are the only podiatry clinic in Ireland who provides an hour long first consultation. Our Podiatrists prefer to take their time getting to know the needs of each individual, building trust and relationships with patients, and creating a unique and personal service. 


Great footcare is important for all of us but for people with diabetes, it is essential. Serious complications such as foot ulcers or amputations are avoidable. You can also avoid pain, distress, reduced fitness for everyday life, time lost at work and loss of earnings by simply putting a care plan in place. We are here to help.



Appointment prices differ for members and non-members of Diabetes Ireland. Click here for our podiatry rates.


As well as discounted care centre visits, there are many more great benefits to becoming a member of Diabetes Ireland. Click here for more information on membership.



If you are a person living with diabetes, it is important you have a foot assessment with a Podiatrist at least once a year.




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Meet the Team 




Christine Mc Sweeney, BSc Podiatry, MSc Diabetes

Christine gained a degree in Podiatry from Queen Margaret University Edinburgh and a master’s degree in diabetes from Glasgow Caledonian University. She has garnered experience working as a podiatrist with the NHS Scotland and in private sector practice. During her time in the UK Christine had a keen interest in emergency medicine and worked with medical humanitarian organisations (MSF & MDM) in the refugee camps of Europe as part of The Foot Project. Christine returned from the UK last year to join the team at Diabetes Ireland. She is now focused on providing preventative foot care as part of Diabetes Ireland.







Get in touch with us


Opening Hours

Monday – Friday :  9am – 5pm


Phone: 021 427 4229


Email: [email protected]


Please note:

Tax-Relief – Non-medical cardholders may be able to claim tax relief on Podiatry care if required to attend by your GP/Medical Care Team