Type 2 Diabetes Research – Changing behaviours

Name of the study: “Peer-to-peer motivational interview intervention for smoking, alcohol and physical activity among at-risk adolescents in low SES communities”

Type of Study: Feasibility Trial

Purpose of Study
The goal is to  promote healthy behaviours in 6 communities of low socio-economic status teaching young peer groups how to communicate important messages around exercise, smoking and alcohol.

Who can Take Part
Young people aged 13-18

What will participants be asked to do

Recruitment Dates

Study Duration
A total of €285,000 will be invested in the 3-year project.

Contact: Research team with David Hevey, Associate Professor at the School of Psychology, Trinity College Dublin

This project is co-funded with Diabetes Ireland, the Irish Cancer Society, Irish Heart Foundation, Alzheimer Society of Ireland, and the Health Research Board.

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