Strong Attendance for Diabetes Ireland’s Third Educational Webinar Series focusing on Diabetes & Technology

Diabetes Ireland held another successful webinar on Wednesday night the third in our series of educational webinars for 2022.


This webinar attracted a strong attendance to hear about Diabetes & Technology, we were delighted to welcome the guest speaker on the night, Dr Tomas Griffin.


Dr Griffin works as a Clinical Fellow in Diabetes Technology at Leicester General Hospital, is a Diabetes Fellow at the University of Leicester, and a Clinical Consultant in Diabetes Communication Technology at the University of Dundee.


209 people attended the virtual online event, where Dr Griffin gave an overview of technologies widely used in diabetes care, mainly focusing on the Type 1 Diabetes Pathway, and giving an overview of future technologies and their associated benefits. He also discussed his research in the NHS pilot studies on hybrid closed loop treatments and much more.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who participated by sending their questions to Dr Griffin and Dexcom during the webinar event and for sharing their own diabetes experiences and positive feedback.


“Learned more from this than in a clinic. The doctor was brilliant and explained everything very clearly. Am a type 1 diabetic for 44 years. Talks like this are the way to go, I think. Thank you.”


“Great informative webinar, well explained, giving a lot of information for a parent of a child that has type 1.”


“How useful tech is in managing blood sugar levels.”


“Better control of your HbA1c via technology.”


Diabetes Ireland would also like to thank Dr Griffin for speaking at the webinar event and Dexcom for supporting this webinar.


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