Health & Wellbeing Workshops

If you are an adult living with Type 1 diabetes or are a parent of a child living with diabetes, why not register your interest for our Health & Wellbeing Workshops that take place throughout the year.

Mental health is an extremely important and often forgotten aspect of diabetes and diabetes care. Living with diabetes can be burdensome for those living with this condition, and for those who care for them. All those living with diabetes are at higher risk of mental health challenges, and the COVID-19 pandemic implies an additional toll. Therefore, it is extremely important to talk about mental health, share common experiences, and hear from others about how can we live with diabetes to the fullest.


The sessions are limited to 15 participants, to allow for interaction and conversation amongst the group. These workshops will take place subject to funding. Register your interest below.


Topics for discussion during sessions are:

* The burden of diabetes and its diagnosis and how to deal with it

*Age-dependent needs of people living with diabetes

* Mental health toll: diabetes distress, burnout and more

* Living with diabetes vs. letting diabetes control your life

* And much more



The workshops are facilitated by

Dr Kate Gajewska

Clinical Psychologist, Advocacy & Research Manager

Diabetes Ireland




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