Startling Type 2 Research Findings Released Today

New findings published in the PLOS ONE scientific journal say up to 24,000 people in Ireland could have undiagnosed type 2 diabetes. Dr Anna Clarke, Health Promotion Manager at Diabetes Ireland, believes this to be higher. 
Dr Clarke expressed that today’s results were ‘startling but not unsuspected by us who have constantly stated the numbers are even higher – people who attended VHI screening would come from higher socioeconomic groups and DM prevalence in lower socio-economic groups tend to be higher so these findings are likely to be underestimated’.
She advised that anyone who wants to know their risk of being one of these individuals click here and take our Type 2 Diabetes Risk Assessment and remember that carrying 5kg extra is detrimental to health so look towards healthy eating and exercise to reduce the waistline.

Dr Anna Clarke featured on some media programmes/articles today and spoke further on the topic. Just click on the links below to access them.
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Today FM Interview