Are you at risk

  • Low Risk

    You are probably at low risk of having or developing Type 2 diabetes now. But don’t forget that your risk will increase with age. Therefore, keep your risk low by staying physically active, eating a healthy diet and thereby maintaining a healthy weight. You are encouraged to read the articles below. Did you find this... View Article

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  • High Risk

    You are at high risk for having, or developing in the near future, Type 2 diabetes. Only a healthcare professional can screen to see if you may have diabetes by doing a simple finger prick test. The result is available immediately. Laboratory blood tests are required to confirm diagnosis. You are strongly advised to have... View Article

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  • Medium Risk

    You are at moderate risk of developing Type 2 diabetes but may be high risk for having pre-diabetes. Only a healthcare professional can diagnosis pre-diabetes by doing laboratory blood tests. Arrange with your family doctor to have a health check if you are not already having regular checkups. In the meantime, protect your current health... View Article

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