High Risk

You are at high risk for having, or developing in the near future, Type 2 diabetes. Only a healthcare professional can screen to see if you may have diabetes by doing a simple finger prick test. The result is available immediately. Laboratory blood tests are required to confirm diagnosis. You are strongly advised to have a mini health check within the next month if you are not already having regular health check ups. Speak to your GP and tell him/her why you think you may have diabetes.

You are the best person to look after your future health. Even if not diagnosed with diabetes, you need to be mindful of the modifiable risk factors of being overweight and physical activity.

Take charge of these today by eating a healthy diet. More information can be found below.

If you are diagnosed with diabetes, don’t worry. Your doctor will take steps to treat and control your condition. Early detection, effective treatment and good control will help you avoid the more serious health related problems of diabetes and allow you to maintain your quality of life.

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