Message from the CEO

Diabetes Ireland has launched a 10k June Bank Holiday challenge for all the family. As CEO of Diabetes Ireland, I have never seen the need to personally reach out to our community because you have been a tremendous supporter over the years. However, today because of the stark situation Diabetes Ireland finds itself in, we are facing the biggest challenge I have seen in over 20 years working for the charity.


We are asking you to complete a 10KM walk, run or cycle. Whether you do it at once, spread it over the weekend or split it with family and friends, the impact is the same. The funds you raise will go towards supporting people with diabetes who need help today, particularly during these unprecedented times.


When well-managed, many people with diabetes feel they do not need ongoing education, support and motivation to manage their diabetes 24 hours a day, 7 days each week and are confident in their daily management. While this is really positive, on any given day there will be hundreds of people struggling with their diabetes who could do with some support at that time and on that day.


This is where Diabetes Ireland comes in. Each day, whether it’s through a phone call, email, online, via care centre services or education programmes, Diabetes Ireland helps hundreds of people deal with a personal diabetes related issue when they need it most.


For most of the 225,000 people with diabetes in Ireland, you may not need that support today, tomorrow, next month or next year but someone with diabetes will. Diabetes Ireland has been there for over 50 years for people with diabetes and their families that need support.


The COVID 19 pandemic has put Diabetes Ireland in crisis. Our fundraising income has been decimated and we now urgently your individual support to help it get back on its feet so that it is here for you or a family member now or sometime in the future.


I, along with my whole family, this June Bank Holiday weekend, will be doing the challenge and raising funds for Diabetes Ireland.


Personally, I am aiming to do a full 10km walk. This is a challenge for me right now as I am recovering from COVID/Pneumonia. In late March, I became sick very quickly and ended up requiring hospitalisation for treatment. It was a very scary experience and a traumatic time for my family.


The virus took an awful lot out of me really sapping my energy levels to such an extent that for a few weeks I could not physically do anything for myself. It has been a long and slow recovery. In the past 3 weeks my energy levels have improved to such an extent that I am able to go out walking in the park a few times each week. When I see the destruction caused by COVID 19, I feel so lucky to be able to do that with my family and as I get stronger I want to complete a 10km walk in one go over the June weekend to prove to myself that I am over this.


To date, 6% of positive COVID 19 cases have been in people who have diabetes. No doubt, this in turn affected the family and friends of each person around them. COVID 19 has affected our diabetes community in various ways and it’s during this time we need to come together, support each other and our charity.


With diabetes in our family, I hope to raise some funds for the charity we, as a family, support. Join us and register today for this challenge and help us get back to supporting our community.