Are You at Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

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Increasing age, weight and inactivity all add to the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. According to a recent Healthy Ireland survey, there is currently 854,165 adults over 40 in the Republic of Ireland at increased risk of developing (or have) Type 2 diabetes.

More alarmingly, there are a further 304,382 in the 30 – 39 year age group that are overweight and not taking the 150 minutes recommended weekly physical activity, leaving them at an increased risk of chronic ill-health.  This means that there are 1,158,547 adults in Ireland that need to consider making changes to their daily behaviours in terms of eating healthily and being more active.

At the bottom of this page you will find information on how you can minimise your risk of developing type 2 diabetes through diet and exercise. You will also find a link to our ‘Sugar Smart’ campaign where you will find simple tips and advice on how you can reduce sugar intake and a short quiz to help you gauge how ‘Sugar Smart’ you and your family are.

Risk Factors and Symptoms

Knowing the risk factors and symptoms for diabetes is important, non-diagnosis can seriously affect your quality of life.

You are more at risk of getting Type 2 Diabetes if you are:

  • Over 40 years of age
  • Have a parent or brother/sister with diabetes
  • Had diabetes during a pregnancy
  • Are overweight for your height
  • Do not take 30 minutes of physical activity daily
  • Have high blood pressure
  • Have high cholesterol

Do you recognise or have any of these symptoms?

  • Fatigue, lack of energy
  • Extreme thirst
  • Frequent trips to the bathroom (urination) especially at night
  • Rapid and unexplained weight gain or loss
  • Frequent infections
  • Blurred vision
  • Numbness, pain or tingling in your hands or feet

The more risk factors or symptoms that you have the more likely you are to have diabetes or pre-diabetes.

Online Type 2 Diabetes Risk Assessment

You can take our online type 2 diabetes risk assessment and gauge your own risk of developing the condition. The assessment will guide you through a series of questions and will calculate your responses and score them accordingly. On completion of the test, you are offered information on the steps they can take either to reduce their risk of developing Type 2 diabetes or ensure early diagnosis of the condition.

Take our Type 2 Diabetes risk test here.

If You Are Worried
Speak to your GP and tell him/her why you think you may have diabetes. A simple diabetes test will ease any worries you may have. If you are diagnosed with diabetes, don’t worry. Your doctor will take steps to treat and control your condition.
Early detection, effective treatment and good control will help you avoid the more serious health related problems of diabetes and allow you to maintain your quality of life.