Medications & Prescriptions

Currently, pharmacies have increased numbers of people attending for advice and prescriptions. Please assist them by ringing ahead and arrange a date and time to collect your prescribed medications. If you cannot collect, you can arrange for another person to collect. However, the “Pharmacist must be satisfied that the person collecting the medicine has been authorised to do so by the patient and is of a sufficient age and maturity to safely deliver the medicine to the patient with any relevant information” (2020 HSE Primary Care Eligibility & Reimbursement Service). 


Generally, prescriptions are only valid for six months from the date they were written but currently pharmacists are to be allowed by law to dispense medicines outside the dates spelled out in prescriptions according to their own professional judgement. In addition, the pharmacist can only dispense one month’s supply of medications per month under the Primary Care Reimbursement Scheme.

Updated statement from Novo Nordisk confirming that are able to currently supply all products to the Irish market – Statement on Covid-19