Wellbeing Workshops for Type 2 Diabetes

We recently conducted research with people living with type 2 diabetes where findings indicated the majority found living with diabetes to be challenging and there is very little in the way of support in emotional health and wellbeing when it comes to diabetes management.


We recognise a significant gap in accessing and using psychology support, or even discussing emotional wellbeing as part of diabetes care. Emotional well-being is a key factor and goal of living with diabetes and diabetes management, whereas support for this space is lacking in Ireland.


What is the focus?

These sessions aim to focus on self-care to improve well-being in the context of your type 2 diabetes management and how diabetes may affect your emotional health.


There will be a mix of knowledge and evidence, sharing of stories and experiences with an emphasis on practical strategies and ways of managing daily challenges that any person living with diabetes may face.


These are designed to support previous diabetes education so participants would have attended a diabetes education course or completed the Diabetes SMART modules in advance of attending.


These will be facilitated by a Diabetes Ireland Healthcare professional and delivered online.


We developed this programme together with clinical psychologists, people living with type 2 diabetes and healthcare professionals only recently and will be piloting these sessions online initially in 2024.


These will be in a group of 10 – 12 people and the initial format will be for 4 x 2 hour weekly sessions over 4 weeks.



Topic outlines are:

Workshop 1:

Introduction to the links between Type 2 diabetes and well-being/tools around self-care and practical strategies for dealing with dilemmas faced when living with diabetes.


Workshop 2:

Emotional Impact of diabetes on the person/ carers/ case studies exploring different situations such as anger, low mood, distress, and anxiety with practical solutions as to how these could be recognised and tackled.


Workshop 3:

Burden and stigma linked to a Type 2 diabetes diagnosis, understanding your rights, exploring a case study as to what might help reduce this burden, further supports.


Workshop 4:

Using psychology to better self-manage Type 2 diabetes by understanding how personal values can help set practical long-term goals, and how to cope with setbacks.




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