Type 1 Diabetes at School: Adolescents’ Experiences

Name of Study
Type 1 Diabetes at School: Adolescents’ Experiences


Purpose of Study (300 words)
While the topic of school-based experiences has arisen in previous diabetes research findings, there are no qualitative studies exclusively exploring the lived school experiences of adolescents with type 1 diabetes. The purpose of this study is to explore adolescents’ experience of managing diabetes at school, staff support, and peer support. The study aims to gain perspectives from adolescents attending secondary school in Ireland. Understanding the experiences and views of adolescents will aid in developing appropriate resources for schools to better support students physical, emotional and educational wellbeing.


Type of Study (observational/exploratory etc)
Qualitative – interview with adolescents only.


Are you recruiting participants for this trial?
  • Yes


State geographical location of study (city/county/country) (single or multiple sites)


Who can take part?
Adolescents with a diagnosis of type 1 diabetes for more than one year, who are in 1st, 2nd or 3rd year of school.


What will the participants be asked to do? (max 300 words)
The participants and their parent will be invited to join a short Information meeting via zoom with the primary researcher, Aine Mahon, who will introduce the study and obtained informed consent.
An in-person interview will then be arranged at a later date at a time and location than is suitable for the participant and their parent (approx 1-2 weeks following the Information Meeting).
The interview will take approx 30 minutes.


Recruitment Start Date


Recruitment Finish Date


Study Duration
1.5 years


This study is funded by:
This study is not funded


For further information contact:
Aine Mahon, Doctoral Researcher and Trainee Psychologist, Doctorate in Educational Psychology






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Aine Mahon