Type 1 Diabetes: Archie’s story with Karla & Stephanie

In the latest edition of the Diabetes Ireland Member’s magazine, Deborah spoke to Karla Wyse about her son, Archie’s journey with Type 1 diabetes. Diagnosed at age seven, Karla talks about Archie’s initial symptoms and the night they found out he had diabetes.



Archie’s Aunty Stephanie Roche, ROI and Peamount United soccer player, describes her time on Ultimate Hell Week last year, in aid of Diabetes Ireland, and how proud she is of nephew Archie.







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Type 1 diabetes can be diagnosed in childhood or early adult life. There are 4 main symptoms to watch out for.


The symptoms of Type 1 diabetes in children can be easily remembered by thinking of the word TEST:

  • Thirst Increased
  • Energy Reduced
  • Sudden reduction in Weight
  • Toilets Trips Increased

To learn more about the TEST Campaign, click here.