Top tips to be Sugar Smart this Easter

My 2017 Health & Weight loss Goals for easter

  • Limit the amount of chocolate & treats coming into the house
  • Be mindful of how many Easter eggs your child is likely to receive. If you need to, kindly ask well-wishing grandparents, family and friends not to give Easter eggs or sweet treats
  • Agree on and stick to how many Easter treats a child can have in a day
  • Choose small hollow unfilled eggs
  • Look for Easter Egg packages that contain a game, mug, toy or gift set instead of additional bars/packets of chocolate eggs
  • Earn the treats – go to a local Easter egg hunt or why not organise your own Easter treasure hunt? Remember the prizes don’t have to be edible!
  • Instead of Easter eggs, consider Easter themed novelties – rabbit ears, tiny decorative chicks, colourful bunting and lots more are available in local discount shops and don’t need to cost any more than an Easter egg!


and finally, remember how awful you felt the last time you over-indulged in chocolate at Easter.