The Mediating Effect of Emotion Regulation on the Relationship between Health Locus of Control and Life Satisfaction in a Diabetic Population

Name of Study

The Mediating Effect of Emotion Regulation on the Relationship between Health Locus of Control and Life Satisfaction in a Diabetic Population


Purpose of Study

I am a master’s student in Psychology and Well-being at DCU and as a part of my degree I must carry out an independent research project. For my research project, I am investigating the relationship between Health Locus of control and Life satisfaction while addressing the influence that Emotion regulation has on this relationship in people living with diabetes. Health Locus of Control is the belief that your health outcomes are controlled by your own actions (internal control) or by factors outside of your control (external). Emotion Regulation refers to how we deal with our emotions and life satisfaction is how we rate our overall life. This research will look at how your levels of internal or external health-based beliefs impact your life satisfaction levels while accounting for the influence of emotion regulation. This research will help to develop our understanding of what affects a diabetic individual’s life satisfaction and could help with the development of interventions to improve a diabetic patient’s life satisfaction.



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Who can take part?

Diabetic patients, aged 18 and over, any gender and geographical location can participate in the study.


What will the participants be asked to do?

The participants will be asked to complete an online survey which will assess their health locus of control, emotion regulation and satisfaction with life. The purpose of the study and the participants right to withdraw from their participation will be outlined in the plain language statement which will be attached before the questionnaire. they will be asked to consent to the collection of their data fro their purpose of the study and to acknowledge that they are 18 or over before continuing to the questions. They will then move onto the questionnaire which is comprised of demographic questions such as their gender, type of diabetes and length of diagnosis before completing 18 questions from the MHLC form C for Health locus of control, 10 questions the emotion regulation questionnaire and 5 questions from the satisfaction of life scale. All of which involve marking your agreement to disagreement along a Likert Scale. it will take approximately10 15 minutes from beginning to the end of the survey



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1 year



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Self funded



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Naoise Finnegan








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Naoise Finnegan



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