TEST Campaign – Help Us Show it to All Teachers in Ireland


We are sure you know that school staff provide an extremely important set of eyes for pupils. Some teachers spend so much time with them – they see pupils throughout the day and can notice when things are different, off, or just not quite right. They can often uncover important insights or issues. Knowing that children are well-cared is very comforting to all the families.


We also know that you are aware of the importance of early recognition of symptoms of type 1 diabetes. Therefore, we would like to ask for your help in sharing the information about our TEST campaign.


The TEST campaign was recently launched to raise the awareness of the symptoms of Type 1 diabetes. We believe that this simple acronym will help school staff, parents, grandparents and all other members of the public to more easily remember and recognise them and take action.


TEST represents the following: Thirst (increased), Energy (reduced), Sudden (weight change) and Toilet (trips increased).


See the website and banners and share it with your school. It might help to save lives!



Click here to see our TEST Campaign