Take part in Diabetes Ireland’s 10Km June Bank Holiday Weekend Challenge

Exercise is so important when you have diabetes so get active


Over the June Bank Holiday Weekend, Diabetes Ireland is asking people with diabetes, their families, and friends to get outdoors and take part in its 10Km Challenge 2021 to raise vital funds to support its helpline and education services.


Diabetes Ireland is leaving it up to individuals as to whether you walk, run, or cycle the 10Km and say you can spread the challenge over the weekend or split it with family and friends.


No matter how you do it, the key message is that exercise is good for you and is even more so if you have diabetes in the family.


For people with diabetes, the benefit of exercise cannot be overstated. Exercise helps to lower blood glucose levels and boosts your body’s sensitivity to insulin, improving insulin resistance.


For all of us, exercise helps control weight, lower blood pressure, strengthen muscles and bones, reduces anxiety, and improves general well-being.


In current times, many people with diabetes are not accessing healthcare support and are self-managing their diabetes as best they can. We know people with diabetes are still reluctant to make contact with their healthcare team and with exercise being such an integral element of good diabetes care we are promoting the importance of exercise to encourage people to get active and marrying it with the opportunity to raise some funds for Diabetes Ireland.


Last year, the number of callers to Diabetes Ireland’s helpline increased by 78% and a similar level of calls has continued into 2021. The majority of calls relate to queries on day-to-day diabetes management, access to diabetes services and queries on covid, vaccination, travel, insurance and information on symptoms of diabetes. The Diabetes Helpline Team is there to help, listen, empathise and offer best advice to those who need it most. The team dealt immediately with over 80% of callers with the remainder requiring referral to one of our healthcare professionals for a more detailed response.


Like most charities, Diabetes Ireland has experienced a shortfall in its community fundraising and are asking people to do the Challenge to ensure that it continues to be a voice of support to people concerned about their diabetes management.


To register for the 10Km June Bank Holiday Weekend Challenge, simply log onto www.diabetes.ie or ring Diabetes Ireland on 01 8428118.