Support for People with Diabetes from Ukraine

People with diabetes and their families from Ukraine will need help in the coming days, weeks and possibly months.



Diabetes Ireland is asking you to support people living with diabetes and their families in Ukraine and those who had to leave their homes, cities, and country by making a donation to Direct Relief, an International Diabetes Federation member.



In this unprecedented crisis, so close to the European Union borders, many people and organisations have already established the best routes and networks to offer medical help to those affected by the crisis, and deliver the life-saving medicines – insulin, blood glucose meters, insulin pens, sensors etc.



Right now, we believe that one of the best ways to support people from Ukraine appears to be a collaboration between the Ministry of Health of UkraineDirect Relief (a large-scale humanitarian agency), and the International Diabetes Federation. They are working closely together to understand where supplies are short, secure donations within Europe, and open up ‘green corridors’ within Ukraine to deliver them quickly to where they are needed.



According to IDF (International Diabetes Federation), its member, Direct Relief has shipped $26 million in medical aid to Ukraine over the past six months, with the most recent support of $5.4 million arriving since the beginning of the Russian invasion that serves hospitals, ambulance stations and medical centres. A large shipment of diabetes supplies has also arrived. Although currently there might be no shortages in insulin supplies, as the situation is changing day by day, it is expected to be in short supply in the very near future.


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Slava Ukraini!