Sugar Tax- Budget 2018

Diabetes Ireland today welcomed the sugar tax announced by the Minister for Finance in the budget.

Globally there has been a 10 fold increase in children and teenagers with obesity in the last 40 years. Ms Sinead Powell, Senior Dietitian said “ we could continue to debate whether the tax will change behaviour over time but we cannot get away from the fact that sugary drinks have no added benefit to a healthy diet and contribute to obesity  and Type 2 diabetes” .


Diabetes Ireland see the tax as one part of the plan to implement the recommendations set out by Government in the Obesity Policy and Action Plan. However, we remain cognisant that sugar is essential to treat hypoglycaemia (a low blood glucose level), a side effect of using insulin and some diabetes medications, and we would like measures be put in place so these individuals requiring products covered by a sugar tax to treat this medical condition have the option of claiming a tax refund.


Diabetes Ireland launched a ‘Sugar Smart’ campaign in 2015 to highlight sources of ‘free sugars’ and support more healthy choices


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