Study on Patients views of Health Care Products

Purpose of Study : I am taking this opportunity to ask if you would like to take part in some research for the School of Psychology in UCD, about the healthcare products (pumps; medication) that you use in your daily life.

I am interested in learning more about what YOU think about the products which make up a big part of YOUR daily care, and the aim is to try to better understand the ‘patient voice’. I hope that this greater understanding can be used to improve the decision-making that goes into developing these products for your care.

Type of Study: Exploratory qualitative

Is this study actively recruiting? : Yes

Who can take part? Women and men aged over 45 years, who have been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes for over a year

What will participants be asked to do? Talk to me about your thoughts on the products you use to control your diabetes. I am recruiting twenty adults to talk to about their diabetes, what it is like for them, and their views on the health products that make up their daily care. Groups of about six people will come together for 1 hour – at the Diabetes Ireland centre – to talk about their experiences, which will be used to help us understand their main issues and what they think about the products which they use to control their diabetes.

Study Recruitment date: 31/3/2017

Study Closure date: 12/5/2017

Study duration: 3 months

Study funded by: Enterprise Ireland


For further information contact: Daniel Regan, 01-7168639,  [email protected] School of Psychology, UCD