Annual Spring Meeting 2016

National Spring Meeting

Let’s Focus On

This year’s National Spring Meeting of Diabetes Ireland will be held in the Clayton Hotel (formerly the Clarion Hotel), Sligo Town on Sunday 17 April at 2pm.

The idea behind the theme of the meeting “Let’s Focus On” is to provide people with diabetes an opportunity to focus on the relevant management issues they may face on a daily basis. On the day, there will themed patient education streams for people with Type 1 diabetes, Type 2 diabetes and for parents of children with Type 1 diabetes. Each stream will have 3 presentations from a range of healthcare professionals.

Type 1 Workshop Stream

This workshop will focus on all aspects of living with Type 1 diabetes. From the emotional impact of diagnosis, the stress of daily living with the condition and the level of personal responsibility to achieving good control such as managing insulin adjustment, food choices and exercise. Presenters will also focus on the lifestyle issues/concerns people face such as sick day management, sexual dysfunction and planning for pregnancy.

Parents & Teens with Type 1 Workshop Stream

This workshop stream will focus on staying healthy with Type 1 diabetes from the emotional impact of diagnosis to the stress of daily living outlining what parents need to do to ensure their child stays healthy and active, from developing a management plan and its various stages based on their child’s needs with the diabetes team, offering advice on the various issues that may arise from how to deal with school management & teachers, importance of sport/exercise, diet and carbohydrates. It will also focus on the ongoing concerns that parents of children face daily – hypos, sick day management & DKA (do’s and don’ts) with the aim to help minimise short and long term health problems as best you can.

Type 2 Workshop Stream

This workshop will focus on living well with Type 2 diabetes. It will outline complications people with Type 2 diabetes are at risk from, what you can personally do to help meet agreed targets in terms of diet and exercise and foot care to avoid/delay the onset of complications. Dietary considerations will focus on what balanced diet includes – portion sizes, importance of hydration and the role of low carbohydrate diets in your daily diet.

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How to register

With presentations going on simultaneously, we are limited in terms of places for each stream so pre-booking is essential if you wish to attend on the day. We are charging a nominal registration fee of €5 per person* to attend the workshop stream of your choice. To register please fill out the form below or call Sheila on 1850 909 909.

*For members of Diabetes Ireland, it is €5 to attend and they may bring up to 3 guests free of charge. To avail of this offer please call us on 1850 909 909.