Name of the study: Score-it


Type of study: Online survey

Purpose of study:
Clinical trials that aim to lower glucose measure an outcome (a result of treatment) to decide if that treatment works or not. For example, an outcome might be blood glucose or kidney function.

However, trials often measure different outcomes and in current trials we found that not one outcome was measured by all of them. This is a problem as it means that the results of trials cannot be compared or combined. As a result new treatments that work may take longer to become available to people with type 2 diabetes.

We can improve the way clinical trials are run by agreeing a set of core outcomes that represent the minimum outcomes that should always be measured. A core outcome set doesn’t mean that other things can’t be measured too but that all future trials will measure the same core things. The results of different studies can then be compared and combined. if all future studies measure the same set of outcomes we can compare the results so that a new treatment that works is made available more quickly.

It is important for the core outcome set to include the outcomes of treatment that are most important to people with diabetes, healthcare professionals and researchers in the field.


Who can take part:
People with type 2 diabetes aged 18years and over

State geographical location of study (city/county/country) (single or multiple sites):

Online survey open internationally, coordinated by the University of Liverpool, UK

What will participants be asked to do:
Taking part in the SCORE-IT study will involve completing two online questionnaires. In the first questionnaire you will see a list of different outcomes and asked to score each one on how important it is to you.

In the second survey you will see the same list of outcomes but this time you’ll also see the group results of people with diabetes, health professionals and researchers so that you can consider your own score against the others.

After the survey there will also be the opportunity to attend a face to face meeting to discuss and agree the results. If you are interested in attending this we will send more details closer to the date. We anticipate that this meeting will be held in September/October and will finalise the date in round 2 of the online survey. You don’t need to be able to come to the meeting to take part in the surveys.#


Recruitment Start Date: 05/17/2018

Recruitment Finish Date: 31/05/2018  

Study Duration: 2 online surveys over approximately 3 months

This study is funded by: EU HORIZON 2020


Contact Details : Nicola Harman

email: [email protected]

phone: 0151 795 8771

Ethical Approval: attachmentEntry-14286.pdf


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