New Research Toolkit

The Diabetes Ireland Research Alliance (DIRA) was set up in 2008 as a subsidiary of Diabetes Ireland with the specific aim of promoting, supporting and funding research related to the causes, prevention and cure of diabetes.


New Toolkit to Help Interpret Medical Research


Often understanding the science behind the research can leave us feeling mind-boggled. To tackle this JDRF recently launched the “Understanding Science Toolkit: Learn how to interpret medical research”. Download your copy of the toolkit here.


Will you support our Research?


Each year Diabetes Ireland funds and participates in research with the aim of finding life-changing solutions for those living with and affected by diabetes. However, this funding is not possible without your support. To contribute towards our research project please make a donation online here.


DIRA’s Current Research Projects


In 2009 DIRA entered into a partnership with JDRF to encourage high-quality research on Type 1 diabetes in Ireland, promoting Ireland as a JDRF base for international research, and directly support the global research work of JDRF.  We are currently contributing and supporting various research projects, a number of which are in conjunction with JDRF.


Further information about our current research projects can be found here.