Name of the study: COMPAR-EU


Type of study: Delphi Consensus Process


Purpose of study:
COMPAR-EU is a multi-method, multi-component, inter-disciplinary project funded within the EU programme for Research, Horizon 2020. COMPAR-EU will contribute to bridging the gap between current knowledge and practice on self-management interventions or SMIs.
COMPAR-EU will identify, compare, and rank the most effective and cost-effective self-management interventions (SMIs) for adults in Europe. It focuses on SMIs within four high-priority chronic conditions: type 2 diabetes (T2DM), obesity, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and heart failure.


Who can take part:
Patients representing the four chronic conditions


What will participants be asked to do:
We will invite you to answer two online questionnaires about the relevance of identified outcomes regarding the four conditions, spread over multiple weeks (see calendar below). We respectfully request a maximum response time of 14 days for completion of each round. Then, if you are available and interested to participate, we will be happy to invite you (costs covered, in case of questions ask contact person) to a workshop discussion in July 2018, where we will be validating the results of the questionnaires together with other relevant stakeholders – healthcare professionals, experts, researches and of course – patients and patients’ representatives.

Proposed timeline

Delphi Round 1: 3rd May – 17th May
Delphi Round 2: 24th May – 8th June
Face-to-Face Workshop Week 28: 10 Jul – 12 July



Recruitment Start Date: 04/23/2018 

Recruitment Finish Date: 30/04/2018 

Study Duration: 2 rounds, 2 weeks for each round

This study is funded by: European Commission 


Contact Details : LYUDMIL NINOV

email: [email protected] 

phone: +32 2 274 08 67

Ethical Approval: P16_036-COMPAR-EU-ethical-approval


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