ProACT: A new technology to help manage multiple health conditions

Purpose of Study : Researchers, at Trinity College Dublin and NetwellCASALA at Dundalk Institute of Technology, are seeking participants in Dublin and Louth for a large-scale, Horizon 2020 funded project entitled ProACT. This study is taking place to find out if new technology can help to support people living with more than one chronic health condition.
People with several health conditions sometimes find it difficult to keep track of the different medications, symptoms, tasks, and knowledge they need to help them to manage their health. This study will test a new technology system called ProACT, that can help people track these types of tasks and information.



Type of Study: Proof of concept trial

Who can take part?
 Participants over age 65 with two or more of the following: diabetes, congestive heart failure, heart disease COPD, along with up to 5 members of their care network (GP, health nurse, carers etc.)


Geographical Location: Louth & Dublin


Is this study actively recruiting? : Yes


What will participants be asked to do? 

Study participants will be provided with a set of devices/sensors (e.g. blood glucose monitor, activity tracker/watch, blood pressure monitor) relevant to their conditions, a tablet device (e.g. an iPad) and a customised ProACT application, to view data and educational material related to their health and wellbeing, and to their medication management, for a period of 12 months.
Researchers are interested in how this technology system might support people to learn more about their health and help them to manage their health conditions. Throughout the study, researchers will collect feedback from participants on their use of the technology and its effectiveness as a support in managing multiple health conditions.

All necessary training and equipment will be provided to participants for the duration of the trial.


Study Recruitment start date:  2 January 2018

Study Recruitment finish  date: 14 April 2018

Study duration: 12 months

Study funded by:EU-funded Horizon 2020 project in PHC-25-2015


For further information contact: Suzanne Smith or Julie Doyle, NetwellCASALA, Dundalk IT, Dundalk, Co. Louth


Telephone: 042 9370497  Email: [email protected]