Diabetes Ireland response to pressure on services at SVUH

You may have seen recent media coverage on the diabetes clinic at St Vincent’s University Hospital (SVUH). Recently the clinic has been forced to extend the wait between their annual check up appointments to 18 months due to pressures on the service. To read any of the articles just click on the link below.

Irish Medical News

The Irish Examiner

This a response from Dr Anna Clarke, health promotion manager with Diabetes Ireland.

‘This problem is not unique to SVUH and is replicated nationwide.  People with uncomplicated diabetes should be seen at minimum 4 monthly so that they can be properly supported and their diabetes management reviewed so that they stay uncomplicated.  

The only way forward is for all people with diabetes to have a GP visit card so that people with uncomplicated diabetes can get quality care that is local and convenient to them. The HSE have invested in community diabetes nurse specialists and it is essential that all people with diabetes can access their expertise through their local GP.

The Diabetes National Working Group have worked on a plan for the last two years and must be pushed to publish it and have it implemented promptly.   The National Working Group published their Model of Care for the Diabetic Foot in 2011 and where it is being implemented already see positive results. ‘