Patient Narrative Project – Your Voice Matters

Name of the study:Patient Narrative Project – Your Voice Matters

Purpose of study:

An important way of improving the quality of health services is to listen to the people who use the services.
The Patient Narrative Project (Your Voice Matters) was initiated in 2016 through the Clinical Strategy and Programmes Division, HSE to position the voice of patients and service users centrally in the design and implementation of Integrated Care through the four Integrated Care Programmes (ICPs). Your Voice Matters is one way of collecting and using the voices and experiences of patients, service users and their carers and families to design and improve health services across all healthcare settings. Your Voice Matters is particularly interested in hearing about the experiences of people living with chronic conditions. Following on from the 2017 national Pilot, South East Community Healthcare (counties Carlow, Kilkenny, Tipperary South, Waterford and Wexford) is the lead area seeking to embed the Your Voice Matters framework to hear the experiences of people who use health and social care services in the area. This framework seeks to (i) position the patient perspective at the centre of the design and delivery of integrated care programmes and (ii) mechanism for continual engagement with service users that will help demonstrate the impact and value from the Integrated Care Programmes and support partnership drivenlocal service development and improvement. The National Patient Narrative Project Steering Group, provide oversight for the projewct and SECH QPS Management.

Type of study: Qualitative Survey Tool which is available online, in a paper copy or through an app for smartphone or tablet. This survey is completely anonymous.The survey was brought to a number of patient and service user groups for consultation.

Are you recruiting participants for this trail? No

Geographical Location of Study: South East (Carlow/Kilkenny/South Tipperary/Waterford/Wexford )

Who can take part:
This is open to anyone living in the South East to complete with a focus on chronic disease and also older people. There is an engagment strategy to encourage participation in Your Voice Matters including links with national patient groups.

What will participants be asked to do:

Complete Your Voice Matters online


Download a paper copy of Your Voice Matters from and send it to: Patient Narratives, HSE, Longwood Room, 3rd Floor Stewarts Care, Dublin D20 HY57


Pick up a copy and stamped addressed evnvelope at locations where health services are delivered.


Email [email protected] to request that a member of our team attend a meeting or location where people who use health services will be, and we can provide the opportunity for people to complete Your Voice Matters.  People can also contact Mairead Fennessy  directly on (056) 7784299 for information/printed surveys/leaflets and posters and if they have any particular enquiries


Recruitment Start Date: 07/09/2018

Recruitment Finish Date:10/10/2018

Study Duration:Narratives will be used to inform the SECH (Staff/Service User/Patient Support Groups) Workshop on 22nd October and findings will be reported back to HSE Leadership Team after that.

This study is funded by:National Clincial Strategy Programmes


Contact Details : Mairead Fennessy, SECH Patient Narrative South East Community Healthcare, Clare Hudson National Patient Narrative Project Manager

Email: [email protected] 

Phone: (056) 7784299 /(087) 4178869


Ethical Approval: your-voice-matters-printable-survey.pdf

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