Chairperson Associate Professor Mensud Hatunic Consultant Endocrinologist Mater University Hospital and National Maternity Hospital Dublin. UCD Associate Clinical Professor
Conference TopicConference Speaker
9:10amCONEPTT Study: What did it show? Professor Fidelma Dunne
Consultant Endocrinologist
University Hospital Galway
9:50amManagement of MODY during Pregnancy Dr Maria Byrne
Mater Misericordiae Hospital/ Rotunda Hospital Dublin
11:00amFetal Growth Surveillance
Professor Jason Gardosi
Obstetrician & Gynaecologist
Perinatal Institute

11:40amNational Diabetes in Pregnancy AuditDr Christine Newman Research Registrar University Hospital Galway
12:20pmFlash Glucose Monitoring for Diabetes in Pregnancy Professor Eleanor Scott Diabetes & Maternal Health
University of Leeds
2:00pmModel of Care for Gestational Diabetes Siobhan Monaghan Diabetes Specialist Dietitian
Western Health & Social Care Trust
2:40pmBreastfeeding & Colostrum Harvesting Margaret Hynes
Clinical Midwife Specialist in Lactation Limerick
3:20pmType 2 Diabetes Prevention in Women with previous Gestational DiabetesDr Sharleen O' Reilly University College Dublin
4:00pmClosing Remarks

1 Hour Webinar delivered by our Counsellor/Psychotherapist Pauline Lynch on Changing our Behaviours and Habits
Identify those Habits and Behaviours that Impact on your Wellbeing
Explore how and why those Habits are Formed
Focus on Strategies to Successfully make Changes
Hear How to turn Ideas and Intentions into Actions
Cultivate Self-Care Routines that Enhance your Mental Health
Characteristics of a 'Healthier Choice' yoghurtCut-off
Low in total fat <3 g
Low in saturated fat<1.5 g
Low in sugar

<5 g ( for Natural yoghurts)
<9 g ( for Flavoured and Luxury yoghurts)

1 Hour Webinar delivered by a member of our Health Promotion Team
Understanding Diabetes
Checking Your Risk
How to be Sugar Smart, Fat Smart and Salt Smart