Our latest webinar “Travelling with Diabetes” proves popular with our audience

Another excellent webinar turnout of 170 people for the latest webinar “Travelling with Diabetes” in the Diabetes Ireland webinar series.  The guest speaker on the night was Avril McCloskey, Registered Advanced Nurse Practitioner in Paediatric Diabetes at Letterkenny University Hospital.


Avril McCloskey highlighted that people travelling with diabetes must take extra precautions and plan their holiday well and most importantly not let diabetes be a barrier stopping them from travelling.


The webinar covered the initial planning stages of your holiday, such as packing, different ways of travelling,  airport screening, times zones, insulin storage and much more.   Avril also reflected on her own experiences of travelling and provided some useful and interesting tips during the webinar.  This was an excellent topic to conclude our webinar series, which will resume again in the Autumn. Diabetes Ireland would like to wish everyone safe and happy travels.


Some feedback from our viewers:


“Absolutely great webinar, the hour flew by, thank you.” 😎


“Excellent feedback, the information given was very clearly presented. Thanks to the whole DI Team for organising, once again, an excellent webinar.”


“Raised my awareness of the importance of preparation and planning for the trip. And that a different location with different time zones brings its own challenges. Plan for food, care with drinking water, say washing teeth, ice cubes etc. Extra exercise and managing snacks. Managing food portions. A lot to consider. Medications etc and all the planning here.”


“Thank you very much for all the information you gave us, you have given us very practical tools for travelling with a Type 1 child.”


“This was very informative and covered every aspect.”


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