Our journey in small steps to Healthy Living

A member of ours who has lived with Type 1 Diabetes for over 50 years provided her top tip to help people manage this lifelong condition –


“Know as much as you can about Diabetes”


Diabetes Ireland has produced volumes of information over the years. Recently we were asked to deliver knowledge in bite-size, friendly, simple messages so here we go……


Make one healthy choice tonight week one Sepy 6th


#2making healtheir muesli


#3Type 2 Diabetes – crisps to popcorn


#4Are u big eater - protein satisfies


#5 Are you a big Eater soup


Soup Recipe: https://www.safefood.eu/Recipes/Lunch/Red-pepper-and-chickpea-soup.aspx

#6 Type 2 Diabetes sharing a dessert