Our first webinar series of 2023 “Looking after your feet with Diabetes” attracts large numbers

The first webinar of 2023 took place on Wednesday evening attracting over 200 people who tuned in on the night to watch it live.


The topic was “Looking after your feet with Diabetes” with speaker Ms Louise McHugh, a Senior Podiatrist who has worked in the Dublin Diabetes Ireland care centre since 2019.  Ms Giorgia Choudhary a Senior Podiatrist in the Cork Diabetes Ireland care centre also participated in the webinar by reviewing the many questions that were submitted by the viewers.


During this webinar, Louise discussed potential causes of foot problems with diabetes and explained what is involved in routine foot screening which every person with diabetes should have annually to ensure early detection and prevention of foot problems. Louise also advised how to reduce the risk of foot problems and practical things to do daily to look after your feet at home.


There were a huge number of questions posted and we did our best to work through most questions either during the live Q&A or by typing responses back to individual questions on the zoom platform.


Post-webinar feedback that was received showed that those who watched it now have a better understanding of how to care for their feet, what to look out for, the importance of moisturising the feet and wearing suitable footwear. Participants also appreciated how vital their annual foot assessments by healthcare professionals are to check their circulation and sensation and are more informed about the questions to ask during appointments.


Some feedback received from our viewers;


“I was shocked to see the potential problems that can occur with the feet without the person feeling it. I now know how important it is to be vigilant with footcare even when there are no foot problems.”


“I find the webinars very helpful, as it is difficult to attend in person.”


“My feet are a priority; I will get them checked ASAP. Thank you for all the information and your time, greatly appreciated.”


“Excellent webinar, very informative. I learned the importance of routine footcare and keeping blood glucose levels in range to prevent foot problems.”




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