Operation Transformation – January 9th 2019

Diabetes Ireland are aware of an issue that has caused an upset to some people in an episode of Operation Transformation aired on Wednesday the 9th of January. During the episode a reference was made to a participant having reversed his diabetes. This statement should have made a distinction and stated that he had reversed his Type 2 diabetes. All references to the participant with Type 2 diabetes were correct but there was a distinct lack of clarification with the reference to the reversal of diabetes.


Diabetes Ireland have already been in contact with Vision Productions to have this point clarified in future episodes of Operation Transformation.


Any member of the public wishing to bring this issue to the attention of Operation Transformation should do so through Vision Productions, as they are the independent producers of the programme through their website or by hard copy – https://www.visionindependentproductions.com/


We are waiting for an update from Vision Productions on how they will proceed with this issue going forward and will keep the public up to date on any response we receive.