New RCSI MyHealth App Launched

My Health App Homescreen

RCSI MyHealth App provides easy access to credible health information including diabetes

Available from today, the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI) has developed a new free of charge app called MyHealth which offers easy access for users to a credible source of health information. The app has been developed by the RCSI in conjunction with 16 of Ireland’s leading charity organisations including Diabetes Ireland.

It has been found that 81% of Irish adults had gone online seeking to self-diagnose as a result this app offers users the opportunity to discreetly search for information relating to specific health conditions and allows users to take charge of their own health. The information is presented in a clear, focused and organised manner that is easy to understand. It also provides users with information on where to seek advice and support if they are suffering from a medical condition.

Often, consulting search engines with health related queries, draws up the worst-case scenario for medical symptoms, which raises anxiety levels and cyberchondria, which is a condition described as the excessive use of internet health sites which fuels health anxiety.

RCSI MyHealth can put an end to these worries for people. The app has four easy to use features which provides users with access to information about more than 800 specific health conditions. It also provides a very helpful list of health services in Ireland ranging from emergency contact numbers to support organisations and hospital details. For those interested in reading about the latest health news, there are links to up to date health news websites. The app also includes up to date information on the level of blood supply left in the country for anyone who is thinking of donating blood. The app also allows a user to calculate their BMI.

The #RCSIMyHealth app is available free of charge on Apple App store and in Google Play. Click here for the Google Play store. 
For more information on the MyHealth app and how it can benefit you, watch this short video