Needs Assessment – Improving Health Screening for Persons with a Disability

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Needs Assessment – Improving Health Screening for Persons with a Disability


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The National Screening Service programme was established to reduce sight loss due to diabetic retinopathy and mortality due to cancer through early detection of disease. However, data show that there is a lack of uptake of screening services by disabled people in Ireland. We hope that this study’s findings will enhance our understanding of the support needs of disabled people related to accessing screening services. Ultimately, the study’s findings will inform methods to improve health screening for disabled people in Ireland. This study is funded by the National Screening Service.


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Ireland – Multiple sites


Who can take part?

Anyone aged18 or over with diabetes who also has a physical or intellectual disability


What will the participants be asked to do? (max 300 words)

They will be asked to participate in a focus group to discuss their experiences of attending for diabetic retinopathy screening, if they have attended; or asked about their reasons for non-attendance if they have not. The focus group may be conducted by Zoom or in person. The focus group will last for about one hour.


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Study Duration

6 months


This study is funded by:

The National Screening Service


For further information contact:

David Joyce






[email protected]


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David Joyce


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