MSD #1in15 campaign ends for 2017 on WDD

Over 500 screened for Type 2 Diabetes
in Dundrum Town Centre for World Diabetes Day, bringing to over 4,000 the number of adults screened to date

Well-known hotelier and TV personality Francis Brennan encouraged people to take action and get screened as part of the campaign

Over 4,000 members of the public have received free screening and expert advice on preventing and managing Type 2 diabetes, as part of #1in15 campaign


15th November, 2017 – Diabetes Ireland and healthcare company MSD joined forces for World Diabetes Day 2017 to host their biggest free diabetes screening of the year. Over 500 members of the public attended this unique screening event in Dundrum Town Centre to receive a free assessment and expert advice. This brings to 4000 the number of adults across Ireland who have been screened in over 80 pharmacies as part of the Diabetes Ireland-MSD Screening Days initiative since it started in 2014.


Approximately 1 in 15 people in Ireland have diabetes and in order to both raise awareness of Diabetes Type 2 and encourage people to take control of their health, Diabetes Ireland and MSD have partnered on organising screenings around the country. The #1in15 campaign with the promotions team at Diabetes Ireland and MSD has already been a resounding success, with 15 screenings already organised in pharmacies since May this year and over 1,100 members of the public assessed  in 2017 alone. In Dundrum Shopping Centre yesterday, over 30 volunteers were on hand to ensure the event was a huge success, with over 500 visitors coming to the Centre to be screened for Type 2 Diabetes.


Popular TV personality Francis Brennan has been a strong supporter of the event. Having been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in early 2016 amidst a busy TV filming period he worked with his GP and nurse and was able to reduce his HbA1c blood glucose levels from the mid 70’s to 40’s which puts him back from Type 2 to Prediabetes status. Francis commented, “I’m delighted to be supporting World Diabetes Day with Diabetes Ireland and MSD. As a person with diabetes, I understand the struggle and the willpower needed to lose weight and make healthier food choices. There is no magic solution! I reduced my portion sizes, ate healthier and took my medication guided by my doctor. It was all worth it to see the weight come off and an improvement in my blood glucose levels. Right now, I am a healthier person, I feel well in myself and I want to stay that way. My advice is, “Don’t ignore Type 2 Diabetes and if you are over 40 years of age, get screened!”


Ger Brennan, Managing Director of MSD Ireland, noted, “We are delighted to  support World Diabetes Day with a final screening for 2017 in Dundrum Town Centre to help raise awareness of Type 2 Diabetes and support people to be more proactive in the management of their own health. MSD is dedicated to empowering patients and advocating for them to live healthier lives with diabetes so we are very encouraged to see so many people came along on the day and take such an interest in the event, and more importantly in their health”.  


Responding to the success of yesterday’s event, Dr. Anna Clarke of Diabetes Ireland commented, “Worryingly, Type 2 Diabetes can be a silent condition showing no symptoms for many years but high glucose levels are damaging blood vessels and organs throughout the body. Early detection of Type 2 Diabetes or Prediabetes gives the person an invaluable opportunity to protect their health. Many people are slow to visit their GP and many delay a visit, suspecting something is not right with their health. Diabetes Ireland needs to be amongst the general public, educating and raising awareness of all types of diabetes”. 

Sinead Powell 

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