Minding your Long-Term Health Condition During Coronavirus (COVID-19)

People living with a long-term health condition may be more at risk of serious illness if they get coronavirus and need to take extra care to protect themselves. It is really important that they also continue to manage their long-term health condition at this time.


A new HSE information leaflet to support people living with a long-term health condition. This leaflet provides practical and clear information to support people to manage their long-term health condition and to stay well. It includes key messages supported by helpful tips and signposts to other resources available at this time.



National version Minding your long-term health condition during coronavirus COVID19

This resource was developed by the HSE National Self-management Support Coordinator Team and approved by the HSE National Clinical Care Programmes for Diabetes, Respiratory and Heart Failure. For more information and advice on COVID-19 go to www.hse.ie/coronavirus