Men’s Sheds “Living Well Being Well” Programme

Over the last couple of years Diabetes Ireland, with thanks to support from Medtronic, has been working with the Men’s Sheds group to provide a specialised 6 month Type 2 Diabetes & Healthy Lifestyle Project.


The programme has been delivered to a number of different Men’s Sheds in Westmeath and Offaly.


The aim of the project is to empower, through the provision of knowledge, understanding and setting of personal targets the benefits of a healthy lifestyle in avoiding Type 2 diabetes and its associated complications such as heart disease, stroke and kidney failure.


One such group which took part was the Belmont Men’s Shed.


The photo below shows the group, with Sinead Powell (Diabetes Ireland) and Pauline Dunne (Diabetes Ireland) at their final session, on 10th July, of the “Living Well Being Well” programme.



The programme was delivered by Sinead Powell (Senior Dietitian & Regional Development Officer – Northeast Area, with Diabetes Ireland) and Pauline Dunne (Senior Dietitian & Regional Development Officer – Western Area, with Diabetes Ireland).


15 men attended the initial session in January where an awareness session and practical advice and measurements were taken.


The men were encouraged to increase activity and were using step counters to help with this. Advice and encouragement around food portions and Type 2 diabetes avoidance were covered.


When Sinead and Pauline returned in July all men had lost some weight, all understood the need to have bloods checked annually and all had increased activity. We wish them continued success!