Meet Cara: Living with Type 1 Diabetes

In 2022, Cara’s family had plans to see the Christmas Panto at The Olympia, which unfortunately didn’t happen. However, they were able to attend it 12 months later, and Cara had a fantastic time.



During this time, they learned that the Coolmine Panto Group was auditioning for their  Christmas Panto, ‘Freezin’. Cara decided to give it a try, and after the audition, she was selected to be one of the performers! 🎭


Cara recently completed her 17th show at the Draiocht Theatre, which included several double-show days with matinees at 2:30 pm and evening shows at 7:30 pm. These shows ran over three weekends, following an intense couple of months of practice. Managing the whole experience was challenging, but with trial and error, they made it work.


Cara thoroughly enjoyed the experience and demonstrated remarkable independence, monitoring her CGM and understanding when to have snacks. While Cara’s parents were only ten minutes away or present at the shows, Cara felt empowered by the entire experience. 🎵