Meet Caitlin – Miss Kilkenny who lives with Type 1 Diabetes


“My name is Caitlin Raven, I’m 21 years of age and I am living in Kilkenny! I am currently a second-year student at TUS studying Social care work and hope to go on to do my masters in counselling and psychotherapy.







In 2011 I was diagnosed with type one diabetes. It was a very long road for me as a child as I presented with low sugars instead of high ones. I was transferred to different hospitals and doctors until they finally tried me on insulin. We had caught the diabetes before my pancreas had stopped producing insulin completely.


During my life, I have used my diabetes as a superpower. I have never let it set me back, and as I got older I started to use it to influence others to embrace it!






This year I was lucky enough to be crowned Miss Kilkenny in the Miss Ireland competition. I used my platform to educate people on disabilities that are seen and unseen. To show people that beauty persists even if you don’t fit the stereotype. I wear my pump and Dexcom proud and encourage others to do the same!”