Your results show you are at Medium Risk

You are at moderate risk of developing Type 2 diabetes but may be high risk for having pre-diabetes. Only a healthcare professional can diagnosis pre-diabetes by doing laboratory blood tests. Arrange with your family doctor to have a health check if you are not already having regular checkups. In the meantime, protect your current health by staying physically active, eating a healthy diet and thereby maintaining a healthy weight.

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  • Eat well to prevent type 2 diabetes

    You can minimise your risk by eating a healthy diet and getting moderate exercise, becoming more active and maintaining a healthy weight.

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  • 50 ways to cut 50 calories

    If you can cut just 150 calories off your normal eating each day, assuming that your weight is currently stable, over a year that works out as the equivalent to a weight loss of over a stone. Here are 50 easy ways to cut your calories by 50 or more.

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