Launch of 50 Year History Book

We’ve come a long way in 50 years


As part of its 50th-anniversary celebrations, Diabetes Ireland recently launched a book charting its many successes over the years and its impact on the quality of life of people with diabetes and their families.


The book itself is both a testament to the work of many people who have given their time to Diabetes Ireland over 50 years and to the development of diabetes services in Ireland, from successfully campaigning for the introduction of free insulin and medications for all people with diabetes (via the Long Term Illness Scheme), to the removal of blanket private motor car insurance loadings, to the changing landscape of diabetes treatment we see today.


For the first time, the book puts over 50 years of memories down in writing, as seen through the eyes of people who have volunteered and worked for Diabetes Ireland for many years. It reviews old paper clippings and provides a timeline of successes and many stories. It is a very enjoyable and emotional read.


The book is a wonderful one-stop-shop source of information on the development of the charity and the key people who have helped make it what it is today.