Language Matters: Exploring the Experience and Impact of Language Related to Diabetes in Ireland.

Name of Study

Language Matters: Exploring the Experience and Impact of Language Related to Diabetes in Ireland.


Purpose of Study (300 words)

Our research aims to comprehensively explore and understand the experiences and potential impact of stigmatising language used around diabetes on individuals living with the condition, their relationships, and overall well-being. The first objective of the study is to explore the significance that individuals with diabetes in Ireland attribute to the language used in discussions about the condition. Additionally, we aim to explore how the language surrounding diabetes, including its frequency of use, influences relationships, psychological well-being, and mental health. The quantitative data obtained from this research may aid in informing the Irish Diabetes ‘Language Matters’ movement and in developing more empathetic communication strategies.


Type of Study (observational/exploratory etc)

This research will consist of an exploratory study aimed at examining the associations between language exposure and psychosocial outcomes. While predominantly a quantitative study, three open-ended qualitative questions are included.


Are you recruiting participants for this trial?

  • Yes


State geographical location of study (city/county/country) (single or multiple sites)

Participants will be recruited for the online survey from within the Republic of Ireland.


Who can take part?

To take part participants must 1) Live in the Republic of Ireland; 2) Be over 18 years of age; 3) Have type 1 or type 2 diabetes; 4) Be proficient in English.


What will the participants be asked to do? (max 300 words)

The participants will be asked to fill out a 20–25-minute online survey. Interested participants will be able to access the survey via link or QR code. They will be provided with an information sheet and electronic consent form. After consent has been obtained, participants will be provided with a battery of questions about themselves (e.g., demographic information) and their diabetes, and about diabetes-related language. They will also be asked to complete a battery of validated questionnaires assessing mental health (e.g., depressive and anxiety symptoms) and psychosocial factors (e.g., diabetes-related stigma, social support). It is important to note that questions about mental health are included in this survey, including one question related to thoughts of suicide. The participants will be made aware in the information sheet that they can stop participating at any time, and they are able to skip any questions they do not want to answer.


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Study Duration

We aim for the study to be completed by the 31th of August, 2024


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Meabh Finnegan



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Sonya Deschenes


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