Job Vacancy – Podiatrist

Diabetes Ireland invites applications from suitably qualified Chiropodists and Podiatrists to work as part of an integrated high risk footcare service in the following areas: Meath (1 post) Cavan/Monaghan (1 post) Louth (1 post)

Foot Care Service Overview
The foot care service is primarily for patients with diabetes related to their risk of diabetic foot disease and for other care groups requiring high risk footcare management, relating to their risk of developing serious foot complications.

The successful candidate(s) will accept and manage the transfer of patients from the current Diabetes watch Podiatry Service. Patients to be categorised and managed as per National Footcare Model. ‘Model of care for the diabetic foot’.

The successful candidate(s) will develop and provide a community based service that would allow:

  • people with diabetes at low risk of foot disease be managed preventatively by regular foot inspection by suitably trained community based healthcare professionals (eg Practice Nurses, Public Health Nurses) who have undergone training as per the National Model of Care for the Diabetic Foot. 
  • people with diabetes at increased risk of foot disease be under active surveillance by the podiatrist who provides specialist assessment, treatment and/or early referral for further investigation/treatment by more specialised clinicians. Patients will be referred to the regional multi-disciplinary footcare team if they develop a serious foot wound or other complicated presentations requiring further investigation by the multidisciplinary foot care team. These patients will be referred back to Community Podiatry for continued monitoring and preventative once their current episode of care is complete. 
  • people with diabetes with active foot disease e.g. foot ulcer be managed in conjunction with the regional specialist multi-disciplinary team with regular treatment provided by the podiatrist for the duration of the active foot disease. These patients, once healed will be regularly reviewed by Community Podiatry in close consultation with the hospital podiatrist. 
  • patients from other care groups ( Rheumatoid Arthritis, Peripheral Vascular Disease, Neurological complications) who develop active foot disease to be seen by the community based podiatrists in consultation with hospital consultants eg. Vascular, neurology, rheumatology etc.

The service includes the provision of training and education to other healthcare professionals and patients so that together, disease prevention can be optimised in the population. The service accepts referrals only from healthcare professionals and prioritises them upon receipt according to information provided.
The person(s) appointed will work within the Integrated Services Directorate of the HSE; working as part of a multi-disciplinary teams delivering a coordinated approach to client care.

As a Senior Podiatrist working in the area of the High Risk foot, the post holder will have the vision and drive to bring together professionals working in different areas of healthcare in the regional referral area, Together, they will provide optimal diagnoses and treatment in order to improve outcomes for patients who are at increased risk of, or have developed, serious foot complications.

Working in dual locations, the Podiatrist will be responsible for the commencement, development and continued provision of a quality, responsive and effective podiatry service to both prevent deterioration in foot health and, to minimise the necessity for hospital admissions for limb salvage.
The Podiatrist will provide education and training to both patients/patient groups and other health care providers so that together, disease prevention can be optimised in the population.
In this role the Podiatrist will be expected to actively participate in the co-ordination of strategic planning and development of Chiropody/Podiatry services in consultation other stakeholders.

Closing Date: Monday 19th of August, 2014


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